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I am getting either an asus 780 or r9 290x (non ref), with either sli or upgrade later on. Can someone suggest a good 1080p monitor for gaming under £300 and say what is so good about it please?
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  1. 780 or 290X is a waste at 1080p, you wont get much more out of it that say a 770 or 280X compared to at a higher resolution. The Qnix QX2710 is a 1440p display and is about £250 once you get it imported, is a PLS so good colours and overclocks to 96Hz. Given your budget its the one to go with unless you don't like importing.
  2. If I was going for a 1440p monitor I can raise my budget to £500 but really I would prefer 1080p so that I don't have to upgrade my gpu every year just to keep reasonable fps.
  3. The solution to that is to turn ingame settings down, resolution>graphics any day of the week. If you are just getting a 1080p display save money and get the 770 instead.
  4. If I was to get a 1440p monitor, which one would you recommend? I could spend up to ~£500 on one if it was really worth it.
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