Looking for a better mITX case for my closed loop water cooling solution

I just recently built a mITX setup with a 120mm closed loop water cooler. I used the Cooler Master Elite 130 case but I'm very unsatisfied with it. It has a number of flaws, One, is that it has no dust filters as the case is almost entirely perforated. And two, after moving from an Antec P180, with its sound dampening, I forgot that HDDs make noise. With the Cooler Master Elite 130's HDD mounting system, the HDD noise is amplified through the case making it very noisy. Defeating one of the purposes of the use of water cooling.

What I'd like is a small mITX case that will accept a 120mm radiator, a full sized power supply, a mid-sized graphics card, and fully enclosed with dust filters or a place to mount them. Any suggestions out there? Or should I just move back into my Antec P180?
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  1. smorizio said:

    @smorizio That is very close to what I'm looking for. And it put me on another path of searching as I was only looking at mITX cases, not mini ATX cases that can accept mITX boards.
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