Ram / CPU - 1866 @ cas 8 or 2133 cas 9 coupled with i7 4770k

Hi all -

I'm spec'ing out a build and I've hit a cross roads regarding the ram option.

I have been looking at getting 32GB of Trident X 1866/8CL for $354, but for an additional $5, I can get 2133/9CL to go into my Asus Maximus Hero VI mobo paired with the i7 4770k.

I work as a web developer, 3D game programmer / designer / etc .. and last but definitely not least, a hardcore BF4 player.

This will be my second build (first was in 2005, then jumped to an Alienware Aurora aftewards), but my first foray into the world of (beginner) overclocking. In otherwords, I want to have room to "play", but I also want to make sure the system will work without getting in too far over my head.

Here are my current choices so far (feel free to comment / advise)

Any advice would be greatly Appreciated!!!

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  1. The sweet spot for the Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge/Haswell is 2133 MHz.,3593.html

    even if you can't find the Mushkins, the 2133MHz is the key number.
  2. I'd go with the 2133/9 Tridents (might check prices on the 2400/10 even), the additional bandwidth will help out with what you're doing
  3. Lutfij said:
    The sweet spot for the Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge/Haswell is 2133 MHz ...

    Thanks to the both of you.

    Will I need to have the 4770k OC'd to take advantage of the 2400MHz (or 2133 for that matter?). I'm aware that I may have to enable XMP (which will do that for me?), or manually input the appropriate numbers for the BIOS to recognize the increased ram, but what about the CPU?
  4. Automatically overclocks, you could adjust it but the trick here with overclocking is as 4Ryan6 would say: "Learn first, then do"

    XMP is more like a dummy profile and this results in the board setting everything to auto. This isn't good because the mobo is driven with the maximum amount of voltages which will slowly kill your board and CPU eventually.
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    It might take a small OC, had some with no CPU OC needed others had to set multiplier to 40-41
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