Building a New PC with new SSD and old HDD

the title says it all im just not familiar on how the process to do this. I want the SSD to boot OS and my old HDD as a mass storage. Do i just plug in my SSD only first download windows and then plug in the HDD and reformatt it?
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    Basically. You just install the OS onto the SSD. Than once in windows you use the formatters to erase the HDD and format it to normal storage. So Yes to your question
  2. I would never go back to a mechanical drive again after using SSD DRIVE its night and day between the 2 install your os on the ssd drive then hook up your older drive and format it and your all set. BTW SAMSUNG OCZ MUSHKIN KINGSTON have all been good to me when it comes to ssd drives.. Hope this helps
  3. thanks to both :)
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