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My AMD A6-5400k's temperature is around 75c to 80c with or without the side of the case off, is this normal?
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    This is definitely not normal. I have been looking into buying this chip and have done a lot of research on it. The max temperature that this processor should be is 70 degrees C. There are a few things you need to do before those temps start to break your system. First check to make sure your thermal paste is spread nicely and make sure that your cpu cooler is attached securely. Next you should update the BIOS on your motherboard ASAP. Just go to your motherboards manufacturers website and download the new BIOS version onto a flash drive or external drive and run it from there. Next update all your other drivers and you shouldn't be having problems after that. Take care of this issue soon bud. I'd hate to see things break on you.

    Once you've done these things post on here to let me know how you make out.
  2. Checked it over, and uninstalled CPUID's hardware monitor and went with Open Hardware monitor instead. Didn't change any drivers, just new monitor. Now I am getting reports in the 30 to 40C range. uninstalled, got another hardware monitor, also showing 30 to 40C range. Must just be an issue with CPUID. Also, I threw on Crysis 2 and turned it up to it's max settings, got a jump up to 55C and my GPU was at 65ishC. I think that it seems more likely that Hardware monitor is not working properly.
  3. I guess so. Usually CPUID is pretty reliable. Glad your numbers are better than you thought.
  4. I had the same issue! HWmonitor is junky I guess. It was normal before I switched coolers. I am glad I found a fix of sorts because I put a pea of thermal compound on and then pulled the cooler up again 6-7 times to try and get it to mount correctly even though the mounts had two little style spikes that interfered with the cooler latching down.
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