Windows 8.1 does not recognize SSD

I'm replacing my SATA HD for an Intel SSD,

During the installation process windows 8 operating system does not detect SSD.

Today I have Windows 8 on a SATA HD, I would like to know if I need a driver or do a workaround in order to Windows detect the SSD.

I already tried to install Linux operating system and it works, then Windows 8.1 does not seem to recognize the SSD

Thank you for you time!
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  1. Check the cables and try to watch some youtube videos!!(if problem insists)
    !! :D
  2. Make sure that the only drives connected to the board are the SSD and whatever your installation media is on (such as optical drive, usb, etc.). In BIOS make sure that you set the installation media as first in the boot order. And of course make sure that the drive you purchased is good and the installation media is working right.

    Maybe update the BIOS if you think it will help, sometimes there might be some fixes that could come with a BIOS update

    *And out of curiosity, what types of drives are you using in your computer?
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