Which laptops can run Skyrim on ultra settings?

Skyrim's getting along now, and I've yet to play it. CPUs are not a viable option for me as I am essentially mobile, and thusly mobility is key for me. If you know of any laptops befitting my question, I would appreciate every and all possible answers. Under $1,000 would be wonderful, but I'd like to cap out at around ~$1,700.
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    If you want to play Skyrim at Ultra, you should aim at GT770M/GT755M (SLI)

    You can see what framerates you can expect here (No. 39 & 42)

    The Lenovo Y510p is the best budget laptop having GT755M (SLI). (Check out the 5th model)

    GT770M models are above 1500$, if you're interested.
  2. Quick and efficient! Thank you profusely Vinay.
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