Best Graphics Card for a 250 watt powers supply

Which one is the best gpu I can get for a 250 watt power supply. I want to get a geforce gpu, but I think an amd gpu will be fine too. Soo yeah. Oh yeah, I also do not plan on upgrading my psu, so please give me the best gpu that a 250 watt power supply can run. Price range like 25-35 dollars.
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  1. With such specific requirements, there is no "best", there is just, "what fits the requirements". The only geforce 25-35 dollar card in production that is likely to even have a chance to work with such a small power supply is a geforce 8400 GS.
    If you go that route, please do not come back a month from now and post about why is my computer crashing and shutting off when I play games.
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