can multiple really high cfm fans damage a pc?

im thinking about stuffing my upcoming build (mini itx) with the highest cfm delta fans availabe. i dont really care about noise cause ill be just modelling and rendering the whole time. im just wondering if the strong viration and strong airflow can damage the motherboard or any component? thanks!
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  1. normally it would not be a problem
  2. laviniuc said:
    normally it would not be a problem

    but would it provide better cooling?
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    You won't like, blow anything away, if that is what you mean. If you double up (or more) fans that draw a lot of power you could burn out fan headers though. I don't think you will really get much benefit from it though other than it being really loud.
  4. Remember also that CFM is just a number, measured in entirely different circumstances by different companies. Picking fans exclusively based on this is probably not the way to go.

    As for damage, I've never heard of a fan damaging any component. Any decent fans come with rubber washers etc so they shouldn't cause much vibration at all.

    Also, in an ITX system, you are always going to be pretty limited as to how much cooling makes sense. You still have a CPU and graphics card, same as any other system, but generally less scope for overclocking etc. Adding fans for the sake of it might make absolutely no difference to your system temps.
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