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So I have a question I might sound like a idiot but if u don't ask ull never know

I have 3 machines at the moment 1 for gaming my i7 1 on my 55inch tv as a media player my i5 and a dualcore that I would like to use as a server it isn't huge but has about 6tb of hdds full of music movies and deamon tool images I do have a 100mbs wireless 3g router to set up a network so I would like to know can I use windows 7 to make the dualcore into a server and if I can can someone pls tell me how to set it up thanx in advance
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    Yes you can, you will need to setup shared folders to allow other devices to access the shared files over your network.
  2. So I can set it up as a standard windows 7 and just make sure all the files and folders I want to access is shared with the network as we do on a lan

    In other words just make all folders public that I want on the server and never switch it off
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