Does brand matter?

I've found a Diamond Radeon 7790 for 129.99 while there is an ASUS Radeon 7790 for 104.99. Does brand matter with these cards? They're all the same 1GB, 128-bit, etc.
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  1. ASUS is much more reputable and better than Diamond.

    Typically brands won't matter but there's a big difference in quality between Asus and Diamond.
  2. Asus always, With Asus do expect a better life expectancy and better heat dissipation. For less, Why spend the extra for a not as good supplier? Different brands sometimes do matter as some don't have very good coolers on their cards but for the most part, their fine.
  3. There wont be a massive difference in quality, going through different Brands, although some 3rd party coolers might be a bit higher quality/performance than others. Brand should only matter to you, perhaps you're loyal to one, or you like the warranty from the other, or perhaps you like the cooling solution one has. In this case though I would give Asus my business just because they are extremely reputable, more so than Diamond.
  4. Brand doesn't really matter between the reputable companies but when it's asus and diamond? Asus all the way especially for less money
  5. WHOA, I AM BLIND. Sorry, I meant MSI rather than Asus. Thanks again!
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    Its the same thing then really, MSI is as reputable as Asus. If choosing between Asus or MSI you'll have to turn toward some fanboyism, but either way MSI and Asus are the same in a lot of cases.
  7. I would actually go Asus, Asus tend to have a better life span then MSI, MSI do have good coolers, as good as Asus but I tend to like the Asus GPU tweak software better and their customer support.

    But MSI over Diamond, if you can get Asus then get it. MSI (TF?) have very good cooling solutions anyways and you can OC the cards quite a fair bit without the card getting uncomfortably hot.
  8. I personally pick cards mainly on their looks.. so i go with MSI all the time :p
  9. Thank you all so much!! I'm ready to get this build going!
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