What should I upgrade in my PC for better gaming performance?

I have an 8 core AMD FX 8350 processor,
8gb of ram
AMD 200 series 2gb graphics card and a 450watt power supply?
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  1. which graphics card+power supply exactly?
  2. Corsair 450watt PSU- low noise
    AMD Radeon HD R 250 - 2gb
  3. You should buy new graphic card, calculate your budget and then we would recommend something.
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    Okay.. cpu is not upgradable, while the gpu is pretty weak for the 8350. I think the R9 270x will be a really nice upgrade. If you want to spend more, GTX 760 is also an option but you probably will need a better psu if you want an even better card.

    I guess it's 3x faster than the r7 250.
  5. Rightio, do you think £100 would be enough? I can stretch further if there's one which would be much Better.
  6. Yep, go with this one

    It's not as fast as the r9 270x but it's still a very noticable upgrade and definitely worth it.
  7. Your 250 is similar to GT640 in the following benchmark. In ur budget 7850 is the best choice as Praise mentioned, 7850 is around 200% better than 250 and a system with 7850 will consume 230 watt at full load and it require 21 amp on the 12v rail of ur psu. Ur psu have 34 amp on 12v rail so it will be fine.
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