can I install an OEM Windows Vista on the same computer with a new hard drive

can I install an OEM Windows Vista on the same computer with a new hard drive?

I have a Dell Reinstallation DVD for it. Will that be all I need?
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  1. short answer is YES
  2. Long answer is also YES.
  3. Cd-key maybe not work
  4. OEM software is tied to the motherboard, not the hard drive, so yes.
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    jimsocal said:

    I have a Dell Reinstallation DVD for it.

    Is the system a DELL system ?? -- If yes then Yes that is all you'll need. If No then you'll also need the activation key that should be on the system case to enter in order to activate after installing.

    DELL and other major OEMs add code to their system BIOSes that enable the windows OS to activate when using their recovery media so it will auto activate if you use the Dell recovery media on a Dell MOBO -- if it is a non Dell MOBO the recovery media will still install but the OS will not activate and once installed you will have 30 days to call the activation hotline and use the activation wizard to activate the OS install - when using the phone activation the DELL SLP key that is encoded on the recovery disk will not work for activation so the activation will fail and you will be instructed to change the activation code using the COA sticker on the case to enter the individual activation key rather than Dell's SLP key - SO you will need that key to enter - After entering the new key then rerunning the activation check the activation should work (unless that key has already been used on another system.)

    So either way you should be fine but it is a simpler process if using a DELL MOBO with the DELL recovery media.
  6. Yes it did work. Thanks for the answer. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.
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