Phenom II x4 955 BE Getting Hot

Guys I am having a weird experience with my phenom x4, i have it for 3 years i guess and i only applied the thermal paste when i got it, the problem is that i never looked at my temperatures because i didn't want to overclock

Well quite recently i wanted to OC' just a little bit so i started with measuring my temperature.

It turned out that my CPU is running real hot 70-79 Celsius.

I don't want to get a new cooler since i want to build a new computer soon, is there anyway i can get my temperature down a bit without getting a new heat-sink?
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  1. What heat sink do you have at the moment?
  2. That's weird. I have a bad airflow, stock cooler and i'm running 955 @ 3.5ghz without any noise problem <70 degrees. Not even in games, but when i'm running multicore superPi the fan gets noisy.
  3. I have the stock fan.
    Praise i have oc'ed it to 3.5 and recieved a smaller temperature but its still 70C IDLE or in HD GAMING

    Should i take off the heat sink and add new thermal paste and clean out the heatsing from all the dust?
  4. I forgot to add that my CPU fan is the loudest of them all, my family hates my computer because it is so loud.

    When i talk through a microphone via skype people think that someone is hovering in my room its just soo loud!
  5. Yeah, those stock coolers are atrocious. I would recommend getting a third party cooler, definitely. In the process, you can also clean your CPU of thermal paste and then reapply the paste, with the new cooler.

    To be honest, any old third party cooler will be good, and a massive step up in performance and noise, compared to the stock Intel fan. Personally, I always recommend the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, simply because it offers near closed-loop water cooling performance with a bog standard air cooler.
  6. Yeah I kinda knew that getting a new Cooler especially one like Hyper 212 Evo or Noctua D-14 is a good choice but as I specified that i want to get a new pc and leave this one just running on side for one of my brothers so i want to stabilize the temperature before i give it to them. Is there no way of doing something like lowering voltage or things like that?
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    Clean, Remove....
    Clean Again...
    Re-apply paste and re-install.....

    Tone down your OC to the point where you can still use "Cool n Quiet" in the BIOS. Forcing the CPU to run flat out all the time will heat soak that stock cooler and you'll have high temps.....

    Get a Cooler Master 212 EVO when and IF you can afford it..... (silent and will run much, much cooler...)
  8. I would like to start of by saying that I received great help here and its only few hours from when i crated the post i have managed to lower the temperature to 60 from 80 ;]

    I still need to do some cable management and add a new thermal paste but 20 C down is a great result so far I am already in the safe zone.

    As i said i can afford 212 Evo but i don't need it since Iiam leaving my computer for someone else
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