P5k SE - Q6600 G0, 667MHz Ram how to overclock safely?

Hello i have a p5k se board, q6600 g0 and 5 gb (2x1gb dual channel, 1x1gb, 1x2gb) 667 mhz ram.

I can run it on 3.0 ghz without overclocking the ram but if i want to go higher what do i need to do??

would it burn my RAM??

Can i overclock cpu without overclocking ram?
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  1. provlde more info, ram model, how do you overclock thus fur (fsb, multiplier, voltages cpu and ram) or try : http://forums.hexus.net/pc-hardware-components/110267-c2d-overclocking-guide-beginners-p5k-add.html
  2. You should be able to OC your CPU and not the RAM (motherboard permitting). If you have never overclocked before, you need to read and read. While OC is very easy and usually safe, you can damage parts if you are reckless and unprepared. You will need an aftermarket cooler if you don't have one.

    When overclocking a Core2, unlink the RAM and FSB. Then you will increase FSB a little, stress test. Repeat the process until a higher stable clock is achieved.
  3. yes i have read that threat,

    now i have fsb set to 300 and my ram is at 601 with all ram settings auto.

    so if i go 333 it would be 667 right? and if i go higher fsb, my ram would go higher too
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