can i use one of the interanl hardrive as backup drive for windows 7 installation ?

Hi experts,

I plan to upgrade from xp-32 bit to windows 7 64 bit.

currently i dont have external hardsik as backup drive
I have two HD 80gb and 500gb both internal. My plan is to backup all my content and files to 500gb HD, then discconect it from the cabinet. After that i plan to clean install the winodws 7 on my 80gb HD.

so after installation would i be able to restore all my data, or will my interanl HD conatining all backup data from XP be detectable in new OS ?

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  2. Provided of course you actually have a 64 bit system that you are installing to. Since it had xp 32 win7 64 may not work.
  3. Certainly yes. you can use a partition software create a partition or use windows built-in disk tool. Then do backup. In my opinion, the tools developed by the same company will be better, such aomei backupper and aomei partition assistant. I know this, because my tools are them. More fucntion, please visit its website. I think you should focuses on backup and recovery. Good luck
  4. it worked,

    on booting win7 from CD i was able to detect both the drives and the content of both the drives. i simply copied data from 80 gb to 500Gb. then formated 80 gb HD and fresh installed win7.

    thank you all for the help

    since i have to pick one best answer let it simply be "YES" @mouse24.

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