i can't find or run my amd gbu catalyst install manager after istall

i have dell inspiron 15r 5537 with Intel processor core i7 4500u with integrated graphic gpu hd 4400 & amd radeon hd 8850m after i setup the latest drivers for intel graghic and amd graphic i can't find the catalyst install manager icon or the run,exe anywhere neither on screen customization nor on start programs when i tried to setup the driver again it tells me the catalyst install manager already exist , i use windows 7 64bit ultimate how can i fix this issue
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  1. Just search in start menu for catalyst.
  2. there is no such thing as catalyst in start menu or program files
  3. Try finding it in programs and features in control panel or try to find it in C: also check if it is hidden.
  4. I need the catalyst icon so i can activate the cossfire mode when i use techpowerup gbu z tell me the driver version is atiumdag 7 64bit
  5. Check here C:\ATI\SUPPORT it might be installed here, what antivirus you have,check your antivirus vault, some av are known to detect clean programs as malicious. You can try uninstalling from control panel the catalyst and then try installing again. It is not possible that you installed it and can't find it.
  6. Guys i have same problem and i am pissed off!! Startin believe that windows 7 is no compatibile for AMD catalyst, because it is second time when i installed Windows 7 and AMD catalyst. I have files with ATI AMD catalyst, but no EXE file to launch control center. It is in program files, but just setup exe and bla bla. Ati control panel never shows, even if i restart my system after installation. I am so frustrated now.
  7. And no, it is not because antivirus. I have new system without any antivirus. It just cant be run. Have windows 7 professional 64 bit N and HD 5850, and catalyst cant be run.. Even i have all drivers on Mobo.
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