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hi, i have an old i7-950 and i want to use it again as a 2nd rig but this time i want to overclock. my question is can this PSU handle an i7-950 @4.0-4.3 GHz, Intel DX58SO motherboard, a GTX 650 Ti 1GB, 6Gb of ram and 2 internal hard drives?

it is an antec ea 650W platinum PSU
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  1. yes, 650w is more then enough
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    Yes it can.
    950 has a lower power consumtion than Haswell 4770, about 100W ( I'm talking about full usage of the cpu ) , with oc it will go higher, example from a 3.4 GHz to 4.4, with additional 50-60W more.
    650 Ti doesnt eat that much power. And minimum PSU that is required is 400W.
    Your system will consume about 400W and with oc around 450 max!

    Antec makes great PSU's and a platinum one has great efficiency!
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