AMD FX 8320 Overclock Questions

Hi, I have a few questions about my overclock and the power saving features in the bios. Currently my setup is as follows:

Asus M5A99FX Pro 2.0
AMD FX-8320 @ 4600 1.35v
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
8GB Team Vulcan 2133 @ 800 9-9-9-24 1.65v

Cool N Quiet - Disabled
C1E - Disabled
SVM - Disabled
C6 State - Disabled
HPC - Disabled
APM - Disabled

My question is, which of these power saving features can I re-enable and is there any point? Will it affect my cpu response or cause any instability to my overclock? Maximum load temperatures with Intel burn test set to maximum using 6600MB:

CPU socket - 68C
CPU Core - 64C

Also, my tjuction says 90C and my cpu has never throttled even when I was on the stock cooler and pushed it to 73C core and 80C socket. Curious if anyone has any input on that.
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    I have my C1E, CnQ, C6, HPC, and APM all enabled and have a rock solid OC.
  2. I have a few questions for you...what voltage did you need for 4.9? What did you have to do to get your ram to 2133?
  3. My voltage for 4.9 is ~1.49v. Also I needed to loosen my timings to 11-11-11-27 and increase my voltage to 1.65v.
  4. What about your CPU/NB voltage, what is that set to? The system is nasty at 2133 but I haven't been able to get it 100% stable at that speed yet.
  5. I have that voltage set to 1.4. I do have a different MOBO than yours though, mine has more power phases for power delivery than yours.
  6. I just pushed my second FX8350 past 5 ghz. yesterday.
  7. what voltage?
  8. 1.4
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