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I have recently upgraded my OS from Windows 7 Ultimate (64 Bit) to Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (64 Bit). Every time I start my PC, work in it and shut it down; instead of shutting down normally, it displays a message that one or more background processes are working so I have to Force Restart or cancel shut down, and then after a few seconds it shuts down. Normally I know that a PC should never shut down like that when any background processes are not running, it should shut down normally.

I have disabled antivirus, uninstalled antivirus, tried to end some processes in task manager. But all have failed. My antivirus does not show any presence of viruses either.

What should I do? Please suggest.
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    It's a common issue (often intermittent) and in fact happens on my PC occasionally. Instead of forcing shutdown, just leave it and Windows should close any running applications on it's own after a minute or two.

    In any case, if it was really an improper shutdown you would see the disk error checker start to run automatically the next time you turn your computer on. If that isn't happening there's nothing to be worried about.
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