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Thanks to this site and youtube I'm part way through my first build and would appreciate if you could help me out.

My system is pretty much put together (almost at the point of installing Windows) but have a few areas of uncertainty:

My motherboard is ASRock H87 Pro4 ATX LGA1150 and case is Fractal Design Define R4 (Black Pearl) ATX Mid Tower:

1) I didn't get any speaker with the above components to put into the motherboard (for post beep). Should I have done? If not does this motherboard support one and how vital is it to have one? Done a test boot and the monitor showed info as expected from watching boots on youtube but couldn't hear the beep due to no speaker... Looking at the motherboard manual I couldn't see any guide to beep codes either...

2) I have 1 SSD, 1 HDD & 1 ODD but only 2 SATA cables to connect to the motherboard. Waiting on another cable. Would I be all right to connect just the SSD and ODD for now and install Windows/drivers then just connect up the HDD when it's up and running and I have the cable? Or better to wait?

3) This case has a fan controller; not 100% sure on connecting the 2 case fans up? I'm thinking route the fans to the connectors that come from the case (rather than to the mobo) & I see what I think is called a molex plug near where the connectors from the case are. Is this the power for the fans? So just route a cable from here to the PSU and completely ignore the fan connections on the mobo?

Thank you for reading and any advice you can give on any of the above points is welcome!
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  1. Your motherboard will have 2 pins for the connection of a speaker, they don't come with mobo, sometimes come with the case, but not so often. You can pick one up for peanuts on any internet auction site.
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    1. No need for a motherboard speaker.
    If you have external speakers, that will be ok.

    2. Yes, just the ssd and the odd. The hard drive is easy to install later.

    3. Usually, the psu will power a molex connector on the fan controller. Connect your case fans to the fan controller. Personally, I just set them all to a reasonable constant speed. It is less annoying than constant change which you might get from motherboard dynamic speed adjustment.
    The cpu cooler will need to connect to the motherboard cpu fan header, or the motherboard will not start.
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