Dual Monitor Setup Is It Possible?

I was wondering if my current hardware could do a Dual Monitor setup

My Rig:

CPU: AMD A10 5800K


RAM: Gskill 2x4 GB at 2133mhz

MB: Asrock FM2A55M-DGS

Running on Windows 7

I currently use a 40 inch TV via HDMI @1080p with my Rig

I have Sony monitor with a VGA port with a native res. of 1024x768

What are some things I would have to do to get these both up and running at the same time? Or is it even possible with the current hardware?

What I would like or wish to do with this setup is

-Get use out of that old monitor (Which has very good color and contrast)

-Run a game on the 40 inch and Google Chrome on the Sony monitor

-Run a game with the 760 on the 40 inch and Run an another game with the APU

Some things I know may happen

-The CPU may bottleneck some games or programs but that doesn't matter to me ill turn down the settings/resolution if I need to

Thanks for any advice or help

Let me know if any other information is needed
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  1. Yes your set-up will support 2 monitors with no problem at those resolutions, enjoy...
  2. Of course! This setup could do up to I think 5. In order to do this you would use the gpu hdmi output and plug that into the tv and you could get a $2 dvi to vga converter or you could use a display port to vga cable. Then you will go into your desktop and right click anywhere. At the bottom of the options you will see screen resolution, click that. You will see a popup window. You will want to set the options to extend the displays and you will want to set the sony tv as your primary display. This should be good to go and it will cost you a MAXIMUM of $10-$15 if you don't have any of these pieces laying around which I would highly doubt.
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    You could easily run both monitors off of the GTX760; HDMI to HDMI on your 40" TV and DVI to VGA (using a DVI --> VGA adapter) on your old Sony. You'll just need to enable the Sony as a secondary, extended display. Running a game + Google Chrome at the same time shouldn't be an issue. Running two games simultaneously may be. You'll need to check your motherboard manual, but in most cases, installation of a discrete graphics card disables the on-board graphics.

    -Wolf sends
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