Removing Raid Config from ssd.

Excuse me if this has already been posted but I cannot find anything with this subject. Acquired a Samsung 128g ssd and it was configured for a raid setup. Am trying to reformat to use in my laptop, however cant get windows to recognize. Is it possible to remove raid setup without computer it was used in? Am not familiar with raid.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Make sure you have the drive connected to the lowest numbered Intel or AMD sata port.
    Make sure you have the chipset (Intel or AMD) sata port set to AHCI in your bios.

    Windows install should find the drive fine after that

    If your motherbd does not have intel or amd sata ports then you must visit your motherboard support site and download the windows sata/ahci pre-installation drivers. Then at the 'where do you want to load windows' screen during install you will need to click 'Load Drivers' and use the drivers you downloaded. This should allow you to see the drive and complete the installation process.
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