Need help w/ a MoBo

Its been 5 or 6 years since I have built a gaming rig and wanting to get back into it. I need some help picking a motherboard.

I was thinking about going w/ a FX8350 & most likely a single GTX 770 (maybe a R9 280x if I could find one at a good price)

I have a BGF 800 watt PSU and a LianLi Mid-tower.

I generally don't do much overclocking but wouldn't mind the option I was hoping to spend around the $125 range but willing to go a bit higher if it will make a large difference. Anyone have some advice on what to look at? I have enjoyed and used MSI, Gigabit, and Asus in the past but willing to try something new
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    ASRock Fatal1ity Killer 990FX would be ideal in your budget

    IMO, I suggest that you change your power supply to something like Corsair TX/HX/AX , XFX or Seasonic. 650W for good measurement.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation I havent ever used an ASRock before. why would you recommend replacing my PSU?
  3. It only has two 6 pin PCIE connectors. You need to have at least a 6 pin and an 8 pin PCIE connect. Those power supplies that I suggested are made by Seasonic so rest assured they are very high quality.
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