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Reoccurring crashes over long time. Possible faulty PSU?

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January 13, 2014 12:32:45 PM

Intel i7 920
Nvidia GTX 660
3x 2gb DDR3
2x 500gb HDD
700w Coolmaster silent pro
+ usual junk

For a long time i have been having crashes with this system. Many Many bluescreen which got more and more frequent.
Most of the crashes were always shortly after a cold boot (10 -60 mins). Either system idle or system busy.
Eventually a lot of the bluescreens seemed to point to the Graphics card. So i upgraded from my ATI HD4870 to my current card.
Problem Fixed!!... for a time.. then it came back again...
Same worse and worse again.. to the point when it was happerning long after boot and now while gaming.
I took it to a PC repair shop and they Stress tested it for 2 days. Not 1 Single Crash!!
They mentioned it could be the surge protector i was using. I get it home. Use the surge protector and it crashes straight away! DONT use the surge protector... Problem Fixed!!!...for a time... then it came back again...
As i couldnt work out the problem i thought i would avoid doing cold boots by just using Sleep mode. It ran for 3 days before crashing. In sleep mode it beeped then would not wake up. Restarted used computer as usual... Problem Fixed... for a time... then it came back...
Now it is back and it is not always crashing at boot but under load when i game.
This problem is doing my head in as i do something and think it is fixed yet it always returns and i have no other choice to believe it is my PSU slowly giving up. Before the crashes were bsods, now it is just instantly turning off.. but not completely... it just does a slow restart.
Also it used to crash, turn off, try to power up, power down, up, down.. etc.. Then finally boot and give a warning at POST about the "previous overclocking failed" - it has NEVER been over clocked.

My temperatures are fine. Even under load. Normal CPU: 50ish, IOH: 70ish (a little high but normal for this mobo apparently). 3 case fans. Inside dusted regularly.

I really dont want to pay out for a new PSU unless im sure that it is the problem. And always having it seeminly fixed after little tweeks i am so unsure. I do not have a spare to test with and am not all the confident messing around with Hardware.

I did research on PSUs a while a go before i took it to the PC repair shop and found out that SeaSonic and Corsair are some of the better ones. I was planning to go for one of their 650 watts models if it is PSU.

All feedback and advice would be welcomed as i am so confused and annoyed this problem has plagued my computer for so long and whatever i do i cannot fix it.

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January 13, 2014 1:20:10 PM

I would replace the PSU.