Exposing laptop to low temperatures right after its been at high heat damages it ?

Hi, I wasn't sure what to name this thread so I apologize for that.

Some info: When I play on my laptop, it heats up to 70¤C. And when I go somewhere, I put my laptop into backbag which lets air in from the sides(don't ask lol)

So my question is does the cold air (up to -20¤C at times) damage my laptop components If I shove my laptop into my bag right after gaming ?
I thought that when I expose my laptop top such low temperatures right after its been up to such high heat it might break or something.

Thanks in advance
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  1. If I am not mistaken could that not cause condensation? Not entirely sure but I suppose if it did cause condensation that could mess up your laptop but I will let someone correct me if I am wrong about the condensation from temp change
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    Going from extreme heat to extreme cold instantaneously is bad for anything (computer component or otherwise). Your laptop components take time to transition from one extreme to the other. You can take heart in the fact that while your CPU may reach 70c while gaming, as soon as you turn it off, it begins to cool rather quickly. It should also be noted that while in your backpack, it does develop an envelope of warmth around it which helps in tempering the temperature changed. Also, it's only the CPU that reaches 70c. The fact that it's enclosed in a laptop's casing also protects it.

    I would say that between the time you shut down your laptop and the time it takes to get bundled up to go outside, the laptop has sufficiently cooled to where it's safe.

    -Wolf sends
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