Is it worth buying alienware laptop with radeon hd 6990?

Hey, I want to buy alienware m17 x r3 laptop and there's hd 6690 graphics card, will it be good for new games like bioshock infinite, call of duty ghosts? I know nothing about computers, so decided to ask here :lol:
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  1. it will run them at medium to high at playable frame rates nothing to high
  2. Look, Alienware has always been completely overpriced. It will run those games, but not with all the "eye candy" on. (Barely any gaming laptop will) If I were you, I would look into buying/building a desktop because for the money you would spend on that laptop, you could build a desktop that will run every game at max settings.
  3. I'm only looking at buying it, because it has HUGE discount, i'm from Lithuania so I used online converter to convert it into dollars :D , it costed 2860$ now it costs 1590$..Is 6990 still a powerful card?
  4. As far as LAPTOP GPU's go it is quite good, but if you are looking to play games on more than low-medium settings in the future, i would consider something else.
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    But I guess for almost half price (considering it is Alienware) it would be a pretty good purchase.
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