Will this work with my pc and which of the two graphics card has better performance?

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  1. they wouldn't work unless you got a better Power Supply that has at least 600W output and a 6 pin and 8 pin PCIe power connectors.
    Other than that, the rest of the system looks good
  2. Your compter specs have your power supply as a 460w. That is just not enough power to supply a gtx770 and the rest of your computer enough power. If you want to run a graphics card as powerful as the gtx770 your going to need at least a 550w-600w power supply and for a quality unit your going to have to spend between $50-65 for that.

    Out of the two you have chosen, the evga is a 2gb vram while the gigabyte is a 4gb vram model. 4gb is unnecessary unless your going to be running two graphics cards or your going to be gaming on a 1440p or higher monitor. For 1080p gaming the 2gb evga model is about perfect.

    But you will need a new quality power supply.
  3. No they won't work atleast try to get a power supply that's 500w and has 70A on 12V.
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