Clone only OS and some games to New SSD

well just like the title says , i got the SSD 840 EVO my SS and i would like to Clone the OS and just 3 games is it possible to do this, reason why i ask is beacause one of those games is FSX and it is so hard to reinstall everything
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    I just performed the operation on my wife's computer. Here are some things to think about:

    1) Your documents, pictures, music, videos, etc - before you start - back them up to an external drive. The software will "skip" moving known document types, but doesn't do a good job. Better to have nothing in your folders.

    2) Things you don't want installed to the SSD - remove them before running the cloning wizard.

    Once you start, it is a real pain to "go back" and then rescan....
  2. There are many ways to solve the problem: about clone OS, you can google "migrate os to ssd" it's easy, or with a clone software clone the system partition. The clone software also support disk clone or partition clone, so you can move your games to the one and the same partition. Clone all the whole disk and selective file restore later. BTW, my clone software is aomei backupper. I hope this could help you. Be more flexible please
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