HDD to SSD: Best software for partial partition transfer?

Hi all.

I would first like to apologize if this has already been solved elsewhere, or if this is the wrong forum (this is my first post).

The problem I'm having is as follows, and admittedly may be a common one. I plan to transfer my windows OS over from my 500GB HDD to a Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SSD I recently bought and installed. However, the supplied data migration software will only let me clone my data if I have enough space for almost all of it, and the SSD does not have enough space to accommodate this. I'm considering moving all of my files to a separate partition on the same drive (I don't have a backup drive and my internet is too slow for cloud storage), but doing so will be very slow and messy. As such, I first want to ask if there is software out there that will let me clone part of the partition, without cloning all of it.

Simply put, what I am looking for is software that can clone the following from One drive on a PC to another (preferably internal, but my SSD came with a USB converter to make it external if necessary):

-My existing windows install
-All my windows files (Drivers, registry, etc.)
-My user account (Not essential)
-Some, but not all of my software (Not essential, as long as the program doesn't require me to copy all the software).

If any of you know of software that can do this, please tell me about it. Thanks in advance, and apologies for the long-winded post.
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  1. A fresh install on a new SSD is the best option.

    But for a migration? The options I've seen are:
    1. The whole drive
    2. A whole partition
    3. The entire Windows install, minus Documents/Pictures/etc
    4. Windows only http://www.paragon-software.com/technologies/components/migrate-OS-to-SSD/ and this costs money

    I do not believe I've seen one that would allow selecting Windows + only 'some' programs
  2. I only know of one program that will move just windows in an existing installation. Its Paragons Migrate OS to SSD and it is not free but often you can find coupons for a decent discount.
  3. There are dozens of free tools out there for resizing partitions. Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition has worked well for me.

    Acronis TrueImage works fairly well when it comes to actually getting the cloning done ($50). Though I mostly use Clonezilla on my personal equipment. Fairly technical though to move from HDD to SSD when the partition is larger then the destination. I usually offload data and resize to make it simpler.
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