need a gaming pc and a pc to do everything else on

so i need a pc to watch anime download things stream my games, i also want to play ps1 games ps2 games on emulators steam games and mmos also ps3 games my budget is 700-800+ i want the games to run and look better than a ps3 if possible
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  1. can't compare a ps3 and a pc. That's like comparing a motorcycle and a car. Both do the same thing in general but very differently and have pro's and con's.

    PS2 emulation is meh at best, games run pretty crappy. PS1 is good. There is no PS3 emulators at all.
  2. I know theyre no ps3 emulators dude. i mean ps3 games from steam and im not comparing them i just want it to look better than if it is on ps3 if possible
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    Those aren't PS3 games you are seeing on Steam, not if you're looking at it on PC. They are PC versions of those games, using different code than the PS3 versions since PS3 and PC are different.

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