First time Gaming PC build, what do you guys think?

As the titles says, this is my first build!
Been doing a lot of research into both components and building and I have finally decided the parts list! Please let me know what you all think, feel free to give any criticism!

CPU: Intel i5 4670k
GPU: Gigabyte amd r9 280x (bf4 edition)
MOBO: msi z87 G45 gaming
PSU: xfx 650w XXX edition
RAM: corsair vengence pro 8gb 1600
HDD: Western digital cv blue 1tb
CPU COOLER: coolmaster hyper 212 evo
CASE: zalman z11 plus
And MX-4 thermal paste)

Will cost about £875 (including rome 2 total war & BF4)
Please let me know what you all think!
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More about time gaming build guys
  1. If you are planning to do some extreme OC then go with Asus Maximus VI Hero :D
  2. Best answer
    Solid Build. 10/10

    SSD for windows, is the only thing I would add, if not needed fine too.
  3. Thanks for both your comments!
    However I have already gone over my budget by like £250 so I can't afford an ssd right now but it'll definitely be the 1st upgrade I get!
    And I would buy that mobo if I had the £, but it would be an extra £40+ and as I'm not planning to do massive overclocking then it shouldn't matter :) however I was previously looking at the asus gryphon, but decided not to go for it as its a mini atx and heard the msi board was really good.
  4. Looks solid. However I would check out a GTX 770. I don't trust the R9 series. Not yet, at least. Best of luck.
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