best card to upgrade from a gtx 660

I have a gtx 660 and was looking to upgrade budget $300
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  1. Would that bottleneck my fx 6300?
  2. Yes, 770 is a worthy upgrade from a 660.
  3. but would i have to upgrade my fx 6300?
  4. Highly doubt it. My friend ran a 770 with a phenom x4 840t for awhile before he upgraded.
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    I see a few options here:

    1. Adding another GTX 660 would be the best option IMO, if your MB and PSU allow it.

    2. You could replace the GTX 660 with a $340 card, such as the GTX 770

    The difference would be like 34 fps to 54 fps. Of course it depends on game, settings, resolution, CPU.

    3. replace the GTX 660 with a GTX 760 or a GTX 660 Ti. That would be rather stupid, because the difference is too small to be worth it.

    4. wait until GTX 780 cards become cheaper or you have more money.
  6. Pcgamer4life said:
    Would that bottleneck my fx 6300?

    I doubt it.
  7. About the PSU: you'd need a 600W PSU or larger for one GTX 780, one GTX 770, or two GTX 660.
  8. I got a 850watt so im good on that end
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