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I just finished building my PC. I installed windows 8.1 and the current up to date driver for my graphics card. I also installed the MSI driver I received from them, which I assume is out of date. My system is up and running, there are two issues I have. I had a dvd writer that would not open, which I assumed was just a bad writer. I also had a WD 1TB Hard Drive that was showing up in my BIOS, but the memory would not show up and I can not find it anywhere in my Drives List on Windows. I checked the wiring and everything seems to be ok with that. Seems to meet the next thing to do is to update my motherboard. When I go to the MSI website it lists BIOS updates, Drivers, Utilities. In those selections there are even more. I am a little confused as to what I should be doing now. Can anyone help me with what I need to be doing next? Which files I should be installing onto my flash drive and which order?
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  1. you need the intel chipset drivers on the mb cd the newest ones are on intel web page. install them then reboot.
    on reboot the cd-rom/dvd0rom drive should be blinking if it has power and is on the right sata port. if nothing happens. power down and check that there two cables (sata power and sata data cables). with hard drives if there showing up in the bios and under windows device manager you have to open windows disk management and format the drive.
    make sure in the bios your sata ports set to achi mode not ide or raid.
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