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Ok so Im a little confused here. My motherboard is the z87-plus from asus. the bios firmware was 1505 and i updated it to 1707 from asus drivers website. Now what I notice is that my core voltage does not change based on the load it is constantly 1.265v. I intentionally set the core voltage to 1.265v when the firmware was 1505 and the voltage would drop under 1v when at idle and jump up when in use. Now with firmware 1707 the core voltage stays at 1.265v even at idle or load. So what is causing this to happen. Thank you for your help and i appreciate it.
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  1. You set it in manual, if you want it back into auto you have to set it back to auto. What cpu and overclock are you running? if that is stock then that voltage is awfully high
  2. sorry forgot to mention my cpu is overclocked to 4.3ghz im using the i5-4670k
  3. but thats the weird thing while in the firmware 1505 my motherboard was set to manual and the core voltage did change change depending on idle or load.
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    I don't know what to say, In manual it should stay put at 1 voltage whatever it is set at +/- .02 or .03 volts. Sound like it is now working correctly anyway in manual voltage control.
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