Need Help choosing Between 780, 780 Ti, or gtx 880

Hi, Just joined this forum becasue i need some help.
i need help in deciding which graphics cards to choose, Im looking for future Proof , where i don't have to upgrade for the longest time possible or add another card for sli.
i'v been looking at the 780 Lightning , cuz of it's performance and looks good.
But than i saw the 780 Ti benchmarks and saw a 10-20Fps increase on the 780. so now i want a Ti, cuz it offers the most performance by alout actually. But now , i saw on CES that the asus G750JZ has been confirmed to have a 880M so does that mean that maxwell is already here?, and is gonna release soon? should i wait? or get the 780 Ti? The problem is i just sold my 760 which performed really good, but only had 2gb Vram, and my Skyrim (modded hit's 2.4Gbs, so i need more Vram (and more performance) and need a new graphics card (cant wait no more lol) But i think im going EVGA so could i do the Step-Up program to Upgrade to a GTX 880 when it comes out? I also have another question, for the 780 Ti i really want to get the Reference cooler because it looks so sexy! with the Geforce GTX logo, and aluminum body and the Non-Reference cards look pretty ugly lol... But im worried that i wont be able to overclock that high because iv heard it gets kinda hot, Can someone verify this for me if the temps are good and overclocks well? Or if i go with the 780 Ti should i get the EVGA Classified? IS the $200+ even worth the 10-20 FPS? Or should i just go with a 780 lightning? OR will there possibly be a 780 Ti Lightning?? Thanks for the help.

Oh and BTW im on a single 1080P display ( i know it's kinda overkill but i wanna be futureproof )
Maby i'll add more moniters...

My specs-
Crosshair V formula-z
FX 8350 (OC'D To 4.8Ghz)
H100i Cooler
8gb Ballistix Tactical 1866
Corsair AX860
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  1. Anyone?
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    GTX 880M is not related to Maxwell, but the 780M.

    Get a 780Ti with an aftermarket cooler, OC it, and be good for a couple years.
  3. Anub1s said:
    GTX 880M is not related to Maxwell, but the 780M.

    Get a 780Ti with an aftermarket cooler, OC it, and be good for a couple years.

    Okay thanks, but im leaning towards the reference SC from evga 780 Ti, is the titan cooler good enough for decent overclocks and stays cool under heavy load? unlike the R9 290x? im not gonna do heavy overclocks like upping the voltage just do some decent overclocks to get more performance.
  4. I would suggest that you don't even think about the 780 Lighting...highly unstable and not at all durable as advertised, I bought two and the first one died within two weeks and the second within two days...the reason I decided to give them a second chance is because I presently own the 580 Lighting which has served me well too this date even on a 1440p monitor, so I believed the 780 variant would be the ideal choice, boy was I wrong...Evga looks like they have a very reliable product,but I too am conflicted about my next upgrade after being so disappointed, 780ti would be the optimal choice for my resolution but is DirectX12 going to be a significant change which is supported by the 880 series, so these are the factors I have too deal with, as my 1.5gb of video memory is no longer sufficient presently, and my gameplay is being severely affected with games like Battlefield and Company of Heroes...

    My specs:-
    Maximus VI Formula
    4770k [oc'd to 4.5] (This was the best I could achieve in combination with the memory speed, or I just got a bad chip)
    16gb Corsair Dominator [2400]
    Swiftech custom cooler
    Seasonic Platinum 1000w
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