Kingston hyper x work well with my set up?

I am going to be running an AMD A10-6800k with an AM2 motherboard.should this memorybe compatible with these?
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  1. As long as the memory is DDR3 and is small enough Capacity for the motherboard.
  2. There's a few different Hyper X set of DRAM - with a 6800K APU would suggest 2x4GB of GSkill Snipers in at least 2133, the APUs like fast DRAM and pull on it for it's GPU
  3. Unfortunately the motherboard I bough only supports up to 1866. I was looking at 1600 cause of the price. Cheaper.
  4. Your call ;)
  5. Would 1600 be ok to use?
  6. yes
  7. Would there be any performance issues?
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  9. go for 1600mhz ......
  10. iy run 760k on gygabite fm2+ a88xm d3h with and y oc it up to 2000+mhz with no problems her is my resolt in 3d mark so y sey go wit it
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