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I have seen a lot of Dell hate on this website, and I always wonder why. Of course I have never bought a Dell with my own money(nor seen how much they cost), but I have used them countless times. I have to say, I seen way crappier brands of computers...Ever heard of Emachines? Owned one, until one day the motherboard died, PSU died, and hard drive was messed up.

But I'm getting off topic here.

The point of this post is that I want to hear what you guys think of Dell, why it is so bad (or good, depending on who you are). And I want to hear about other crappy PC brands. I will include a poll with a couple PC brands.
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  1. ANY premade computer is either worthless or overpriced in my opinion. ALWAYS.

    Dell in general has always been semi decent in quality, but still overpriced and they often used proprietary motherboard, chassis and other component designs. Which honestly makes any form of upgrade or DIY repair near impossible.
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    Although I have a few Dell machines, I've never bought one. Both I have (neither used) are repairs I did for relatives/friends who decided to get a new systems. Because of Dell's target consumers, users with little to no PC experience (many PC companies use that demographic) they continue to exist. Their support is good (I've been impressed with some of support info from them when compared to others).
    In the past few years Dell has gotten away from the use of proprietary hardware which also impresses me even though it was consumer backlash (and a lot of it) that instigated that change. It wasn't the use of proprietary hardware in itself that was Dell's issue (lots of companies do that), it was the use of proprietary hardware that looked no different than standard hardware - made it possible to plug an standard ATX PSU into their non-standard motherboard pinout, the results were often impressive (if you are of a pyromania bend) but not good for the computer
    I'm not personally anti-Dell, I'm just anti-pre-built (from anyone) and the reason for that is (maybe surprising), Bloatware. In most cases, it consists of programs to help the uninitiated but some of that crap can't even be disabled or removed and... Aaargh!
  3. I love my Dell laptop. I have Dell Inspiron N5110. But after one year only its battery backup is really bad. Its almost dead now. I need to change its battery. Anyone can suggest reputed and reliable link from where I should buy a new battery for my Laptop. Need suggestions.
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