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Hi there.

I have a GTX 770 and I wanted to do some triple monitor gaming. I am confused as to how to set it up with the cables.

Neither of my 3 monitors have displayports, only hdmi or dvi.
What cables do I need? Do I need 2 DVI cables for the outer monitors and a displayport to hdmi cable for the center one?

Also, if i have 2 vertical monitors and one monitor on horizontal monitor, will that still work and potential lower the max resolution?

Thanks for the help
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    770 is compatible with four monitors. You have 1080p resolution screens?
    Use Displaypoert to HDMI cable. for one screen. One HDMI cable + DVI-D cable for one screen.
    With this it should work
    Then just add normal HDMI and you re good to go :)
    Monitor postion you can adjust from settings.
  2. I myself run triple 3d asus monitors and the setup I use with my gtx titan is 2x dual link dvi and 1x displayport(at card) to dual link dvi. I used to run 2x dual link dvi and 1x displayport to displayport but nvidia started blocking that in their drivers about 4-5 months ago so i was forced to buy a new cable. Just be aware if using HDMI that if your monitor is like mine you won't be able to go above 60hz refresh and no 3d. My monitors are Asus VG248QE.
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