Upgrade CPU or Video Card?

Current System:
- AMD Phenom II x4 945 3.0GHz
- 4GB RAM 800MHz DDR2
- ATI HD6870 2GB
- 1920 x 1080 resolution

I mostly want to upgrade for gaming but I think upgrading my video card might cause bottlenecking on my system since the motherboard is old. If I were to upgrade, I'd probably get either an i5-4670 or a GTX770.

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  1. Your GPU is, lets say decent for gaming. I'd say upgrade your CPU. Keep in mind that by upgrading your CPU, you'll also have to upgrade your RAM and motherboard.
  2. Also depends on the kinds of games you play. The CPU is a bit more outdated than the GPU, but on the other hand many games are more demanding for the GPU than the CPU.

    But since it's easier to fix performance problems due to lack of GPU power than CPU power, I'd also generally recommend a new CPU (plus motherboard and RAM).
  3. Which would provide better performance for gaming?
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    Definitively a new CPU. Plus then it will be much easier to find a new GPU to upgrade it again later if you want to do that again.
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