just a little help with my desktop and the gpu i would like to buy

i would like to know if this
would work in this HP Pavilion p7-1423w Desktop
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  1. It should fit in the pc.... but the card isn't going to give you any kind of gaming power you be better off with a lower end radeon 7750.
  2. yea this gpu will work with your system but this gpu is not made for gaming.
    what is your last budget for a gpu ?
  3. well thing is this the budget i have might be able to get a bigger one but idk plz do suggest i just dont think i have enough money to buy a 500w psu and the gpu. plus i really dont know what can i upgrade. to tell you the truth i am a bit noob to pc but i know at least some basics so if you have any suggestions please do leave them thank you
  4. Do you know how many watts your power supply is and what is your system specs thanks.
  5. 300 watts is a bear min for that system that being said any kind of gpu upgrade you need to upgrade the power supply as well to at least a 500 watt good name brand to insure that the new card don't take your system down sure the 7750 may run for awhile but the added stress to the system will make it fail over time...
  6. like your point but what would fit in this desktop. like idk if anything relatively good will fit in the desktop. so i heard is small and a psu wont fit there if you could, could you leave a link of a sort of cheap psu and gpu if you could of course
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