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hello,( when i put mymemory card in laptop through card reader to send photos...........due to virus in my lapi maybe, it attacks to memory card.....and then it9memory card) shows used space 0 bytes ad free space also 0 bytes...and simply it shows removable disk...actually my memory 4 GB....till now i didnt format that many important things are getting plz tell anybody, how to recover my there any solution? plz anyone........its so urgent for me...............
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  1. Best answer I use this. I hope it works for you.
  2. first thing to do: scan your laptop and the memory card with an antivirus. If its really a virus issue then deleting the virus may solve the problem.
    You may put the memory card back into the original device (for ex camera or mobile phone) to see whether the files are visible there. If you can view them of the device but not on your Lappy then it can be fixed. but if its not, it might have got deleted permanently or your memory card is damaged.
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