$30 GPU old rig that can play dota2 at highest possible setting

Intel Dual-Core E6300 2.8Ghz
Win-7 ult 32bit

I know this will be a challenge.. I can only go as much as that so please help me
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  1. so you want a $30 GPU to go with your rig? What is your PSU?
  2. Actually its my friends computer and he gave me 30$ to make the best of it. The last time I saw it I believe it has a NOT GREATER THAN 500W generic psu.. I will have to look again later after work :P
  3. Unless you go used, and find a fantastic deal, this isn't possible. The cheapest, best performing, GPU you can find for $30 right now is the GeForce 210, but that won't be playing anywhere near high. In fact, you'll be lucky to get playable framerates on the LOWEST possible setting at 720p resolution.
  4. try to talk your buddy up to the 7750 or if his PSU is 350+ then a 7770. both can be had for $80 or so, $30 is unreasonable unless you're willing to throw in some sexual favors to a guy on craigslist.
  5. And a 610

    As others have said its not realistic....
  6. you need at least 7770 to max dota 2 40-80 fps
  7. If your buddy can't spend more than $30 then maybe he should be working instead of playing dota 2.
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    Lol I do disagree that most games are single thread depended there are a lot of games out there that are taking advantage of more cores more threads read toms sometimes.. have a look at the consols they are muti core apu ..
  9. Alright.. Thanks for all your advice.. Ill try to talk him out..

    @woltej1 even though ur post is irrelevant it sure made me smile
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