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I recent purchased a ASUS HD 7850 graphics card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121651

I have a two monitor setup, both ASUS VS247 monitors:

In any case, my graphics card has one DVI-I, one DVI-D port, and one HDMI port .My monitors are both detected by windows and Catalyst Control Center. However, whichever monitor is plugged into my DVI-D port is the one that is active and being used, the other monitor will be in a sleeping status.

Both monitors are recognized by Catalyst Control Center and Windows. But there is nothing that I can do to make both monitors be active simultaneously. I've tried re-installing the drivers, restarting the computer, and a mix and match of HDMI / DVI-D / DVI-I combinations, using different cords with different monitors nothing works. Although I have gathered that all of my cords and hardware are working. The incredible part is that if I use only HDMI, and then plug in my second monitor into the DVI-D port, the HDMI monitor will then go into sleep mode and the DVI-D monitor will become the only active monitor.

I'm really at a loss and I've tried just about everything I can possibly think of. Any suggestions are most appreciated.


So it seems using DVI-I isn't working, which could be caused by either the graphics card or the VGA to DVI-I converter. In any case it shouldn't hold us back from being to use monitor A in DVI-D and monitor B in HDMI or vice versa. I'm currently using this setup and can only get video on the monitor with DVI-D still, whichever monitor is plugged in via HDMI is still stuck in sleep mode no matter what. Going to play with it a bit more.
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  1. I have a 7870, and run two monitors with my tv plugged in to the HDMI port (so I can send sound through the tv speakers for movie watching)
    One monitor is plugged in to a displayport using and adapter to VGA, other monitor is plugged in to the dvi port.

    I have the second monitor set as number two, and I EXTEND the desktop on to it. The TV is set to be a copy of monitor 1 , so when I use the tv remote and select the input mode, w/e is on the main monitor is on the tv. Same resolution.

    When I tried setting up the two monitors differently, I had issues. This way I can, for example, run an EVE client on the second monitor windowed, while playing a fullscreen game on the main monitor. Or run multi box windowed clients, etc.

    You said it recognizes the monitor, but no image goes to it right? If you haven't already, try extending monitor one desktop on to it, and see if it comes to life.

    Re-arrange icons and stuff to suit.
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