New PSU old GPU crashes

i5 3570k
HD 7850 2gb
Corsair Vengeance 8g (one DIM)
Biostar TZ77B mobo
Corsair TX650W PSU

Today I installed the new corsair PSU and an NZXT CPU cooler. After booting up everything seems normal. When I run a GPU intensive program the GPU crashes, also if I do standard browsing and such the screen will freeze but then say something like your Graphics driver stopped working but has been fixed. My old PSU was a Cooler Master 460w.

I can't figure this thing out, I'vr upgraded drivers, downgraded drivers, changed clock speeds and voltages.

With the old PSU I had no problems. I did recently install a driver patcher and utility to allow me to overclock my Korean PLS monitor and I've read people had problems with it, but why would the problems start after putting a new PSU in.

Is there some utility I could use to diagnose my gpu and PCI bus?

Or any other advice is appreciated.
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  1. Your old psu was givin gpu limited power. It did work but not with full power.
    Now when u did give gpu enough wattage problem kind of popped out. First thin to do remove that OC program for your korean screen and then try if it works. Try first stock settings for video card.
    Edit. You hae dual linl DVI-D cable?
  2. Also that motherboard is complete garbage i would be afraid to run those components on it honestly
  3. I completely removed all traces of AMD files (imcludeing the patch I presume) and drivers, removed the card. After that I installed my GTX 780 and all the newest drivers. Now I can play a game for 10 mins but it still crashes out with a small message that says something like "your drivers have stooped working".

    Is it possible I damaged my PCI slot (but games still play on high performance until crash)
    Is it possible the PSU power drops off (but why would windows clam it to be a driver problem)
  4. This can be windows update problem or if windows is not updateted. It can be program issue. Two programs just will not work together. Really hard to tell where to look for. From here I mean. Hope you get it fixed. :)
    Look cpu and video card temps when it carash. It can be too much heat on somewhere.
    Is your system OC'd and how much? New windows is one thing to try. If you use 7 download version with SP1
    And make new installion. Save it on usb or DVD. Hope this helps :) Btw. What NZXT cooler did you go with?
  5. I'm all but certain my Corsair TX650 PSU is not the problem, I jumped a 450w and a 700w PSU (Corsair and Apeva) and connected them to the GPU, same problem. I've uninstalled and reinstalled every piece of soft related to GPUs/drivers, the same problem.

    I pulled the 780 out, put an either net card (same bus) and it worked like a charm so I know it's not the mobo/PCI buss. Put any GPU back in, install drivers, same problem.

    A few months ago I installed a patch from here http:// and CRU.exe in order to overclock my monitor, which I did, with great results.

    My only theory left is that the aforementioned "patcher" changed something in possibly the registry and without finding the exact file/s and restoring them the problem will persist.

    I still get a message that my graphic driver has stopped working but now with Nvidia it basically says the same ting but references kernel 332.22

    Everything is updated, Windows, and drivers, same problem.
  6. You change a power supply and a CPU cooler.... LEAVE IT AT THAT (you making soooo many changes your muddling up the issue.

    If you change a CPU cooler, 1st thing, check your temperatures and be sure they are below say 80C......

    If you change your PSU, 1st thing I'd do in that system: Plug and re-Plug the 24 pin and 8 pin connectors on and off the motherboard 5 times each.... (the BioStar has such cheap tin/lead connectors they corrode like CRAZY. The plug & re-plug will scrape away some of the junk and give you a better connection...)
  7. Thanks for the input guys. I have located the problem and my new hardware has nothing to do with it (cooler works like a champ though)

    The problem is that I installed a driver patch to overclock my monitor (found here
    I didn't put it together at first. The problems really started when I wiped all AMD drivers (manually, and uninstalls) and re installed them without the patch. Games froze and crashed but I thought it would stop when I wiped all the AMD out, again, and installed my new Nvidia drivers for my GTX780. The problem persists with Nvidia card leading me to believe the only likely cause was the patcher changed something, possibly in the registry.

    I have eliminated all possibilities of it being hardware related. I tried multiple PSU's with no change, and the GPU works fine in another system.
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