pc is running but keyboard,mouse and monitor no power

earlier this morning my pc was working just fine then suddenly shuts down. i tried powering it back on but after 2 secs my pc turns off and i hear 1 short beep. I've had this problem a few months ago and all i did was unplug all connected hardware and cleaned my pc then my pc is back to normal.

i tried removing all the hardware again and clean the pc and i notice that the cooling paste on my CPU was dried up. i put back all of the hardware and turn it on. all the fans and led on my pc seems to run but no display on my monitor and no light i coming out of the led on my keyboard and mouse.

here is my PC specs
board: ECS a55f-m3
CPU: on board amd(didn't quite remember the model)
VGA: GeForce GT 440
memory: 2 pcs 4gb ddr3
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  1. Your mobo is not kinda good. Have you tried connecting the monitor/peripherals to the PSU?
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