i5-4670K and ASRock Z87 Pro3 - safe to overclock to 4GHz??


I need tips in overclocking this combo (haswell 4670k + asrock z87 pro3). The AssRock apparently has crappy power phase design and not-so-efficient VRM cooling etc. I'm planning to overclock with a Cooler Master EVO 212 Hyper CPU cooler.

If I bump up the multiplier a bit to get 4GHz, will the cooler do fine in term of temps? Is the stock voltage sufficient or can it go any lower?
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    That cpu cooler is just fine and yes as long as you picked a decent CPU you should hit 4ghz with no trouble.
  2. Cool, thanks. Do you have any idea if the mobo will endure?
  3. That depends on the mobo and how hard you push it. I personally cant give you a great answer on that one
  4. Dude did you achieve 4.2OC? I want to take your voltages
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