Lenovo y510p problems

I just purchased a Lenovo y510p for Christmas and right out of the box we've had problems.

I bought it so my son could play his video games smoothly, but we keep getting one problem that keeps occuring.

The main game he loves to play is sims3 but after a while of playing a particular file, we get weird freezes. Once they start, they won't stop and we have to start a new file, which will work for a while then the freezes usually come back. It freezes for about 2 seconds when we try to move somewhere or do something. this happens maybe every 30 seconds. it's like it's "sticky".

This was also happening in one other game as well which was not nearly as demanding on graphics as sims3.

All the drivers were updated which seemed to help a bit at first. I also uninstalled the sims and re-installed it. Then all was good for about a week and now the problem is returning.

My son seems to think the laptop is getting too hot. I really don't know how hot is too hot. But during the sims it gets quite hot. Not sure if this could be an issue.

Anyone out there with any ideas?

Thanks very much!
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  1. Its called throttling. The CPU or GPU heats up too much due to it not being on a flat, hard, level surface, so it slows itself down in order to cool it so it doesnt burn itself up. Dont lay the laptop on carpeting or a blanket or something like that. Keep it on a flat, hard, level surface so it can cool itself better.
  2. I've been thinking that it might be overheating. I've been placing the laptop on a book so there's airflow all around it. It still gets very hot when playing the sims. I don't know exactly how hot but it's uncomfortable if you place your hand near the fan. It could keep my coffee hot anyway... ! The fan is running constantly during the game. Is this normal when playing video games? Could this be a hardware problem? Since my laptop is brand new, I wasn't expecting this.
  3. Should return it if still available and buy your son a desktop. For what you paid for that laptop im pretty sure you could build a really nice desktop PC.
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    You should look into getting a cooling pad if you want to game on a laptop such as something like: for example (the one I got, research around for what you actually want). Laptops just about always get hot when they game, you are pushing hardware to utilize the resources needed to make the game go and it's all confined to a 15" relatively thin case. Also, from what I remember one of the big intake vents for that laptop model is on the bottom and so will get blocked somewhat. A desktop would be better for gaming, but of course you won't get the mobility
    Download something like HWMonitor and use that to monitor temperatures and see how it is
  5. It is usual with Y510P. One big drawback of this PC is overheating. I know because I have one and I bought it with knowing that it heats a lot. Solution is having a dual fan cooler for 20-30 USD. Since it has dual GPU's you better have dual fans to spread the cooling. I have a Thermaltake Massive 14. It works for now.
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