rate my future build gaming pc!

i would like you to rate it from 1 -10!
Proccesor=intel core i5 4440
3d card=Amd his HD 7750 icooler
memory=corsair 8 gb
power supply=Corsair gaming GS 800 watts
hard drive= seagate 500 gb

I would also like you to tell me whether it is good for gaming or not!
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  1. the motherboard don't support i5 4xxx

    psu is too much for the setup
  2. I would get a 500 Watt PSU and a motherboard that supports your CPU. Otherwise I can't really tell if it's good yet, what games will you be playing?
  3. Why not get an AMD FX-6300 & put the 80 bucks into a better GPU. The 7750 is the low of lows. I'd get the R9270, it's 5 tiers better than the 7750. Tom's just put their best graphics card story on the front page. Link to Hierarchy chart - http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107-7.html Also you don't need a 800 watt PSU. get a 650 like this. - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139012 - It's also 10 bucks cheaper. Make those changes you'd be at 7.5, Make no changes 6...
  4. For a gaming pc, this is very unbalanced(i5 quad with hd7750? WTH?) You might consider a cheaper fx6300 and a better graphics card. If the games you play don't require more than a hd7750(based on the game, resolution, desired settings and desired frame rate), you could step down to an i3 or fx4300.
    What is your budget(usd, can, aus, NZ, EU, UK, Rupee, what?). What about a case? Operating system? Optical drive? Keyboard, mouse, display, audio?

    Edit: good grief! you don't need to spend that much on a psu($100+). If you only plan to use a single gpu, a decent quality 500w-600w psu from the likes of antec, corsair, evga, seasonic, xfx and a few others can be had for much less(specific part search on pcpartpicker is your friend). We are talking around 50 bucks(or much less with a sizable rebate).
  5. my approximate budget is 60000 PKR. and which graphics card would we good enough for the i5?
  6. Current exchanges for 60 thousand Pakistani rupees include 570 US dollars and 35 thousand Indian rupees. Where are you getting parts from? Pakistan, India, or elsewhere(I think I've read some folks in Pakistan have gotten parts from India. Not sure about from anywhere else to Pakistan, though)?

    Edit: after a very brief first glance, it seems the likes of a hd4670 can be had for only 2500 Indian rupees. In my mind, that bodes well if you can source parts from India.
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