Samsung 840 EVO 120GB - slow 4K speeds reason to return?

Hi I recently bought
Samsung 840 EVO 120GB
connected to my SATA II drive.
I know that the sequential speeds are limited by SATA II, but the speeds of random 4K and 16K should not be. Or am I wrong?

These are my responses, with rapid mode set off:

and there are my friends' responses , he has the same drive.

are the low speeds on 4k:

caused too by my SATA2 ?

I thought that only the high sequential speeds are affected. Is it because of the frequencies?

Should I return my disc as it is faulty, and buy again the same type, possibly with better performance,
or is it because the SATA2,
or should I keep this disk, as these speeds are sufficiant for me?

(medium programmer, medium gamer, flash video creation are my normal uses of pc)

I have time until friday - than my fortnight warranty of returning without asking will be void.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Have a nice day!
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  1. Due you have the Samsung Magician software installed? It can benchmark the SSD, then you can compare it to others. If you feel the difference is too much, then return it, if you see fit to do so.
  2. 4k Speed will be faster on a SATA III.
  3. scoobydenon said:
    4k Speed will be faster on a SATA III.

    So I should try it in some lap with SATAIII and then consult the results? That sounds logically! :)
  4. you are using the microsoft ahci drivers which is the default so that tells me you dont actually have your chipset (intel motherbd) or sata (amd) drivers installed.

    the Intel sata driver is iastor.sys and the amd driver is amdsata.sys
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